Russian manufacturer
of protective coatings

Quality control

None of the most advanced analytical and testing equipment can provide the high level of production and raw materials quality control in absence of highly qualified staff.
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Highly qualified specialists

 Our laboratory staff has got qualitative profile education in the leading chemical and technological higher education institutions in the country (Russian chemical technological university named after Mendeleev D.I., Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M.V.), many graduated with honors, have a huge experience in the field, and also have had internship in European companies.

The company invests considerable resources in the constant improvement of professional skills of specialists. We exchange experience with colleagues from other coil-coatings laboratories, participate in seminars, symposiums and exhibitions. We regularly monitor employees competence level. In the issue, we are confident in the reliability of the analyzes results obtained by specialists from our quality control laboratory. There is a lot to be proud of!