Russian manufacturer
of protective coatings

History of the company

Uralprotekt Ltd. is a major manufacturer of polyester top coats, as well as backing coats. The company has its partners.
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2011 – Year of Uralprotect Ltd. company foundation

By the end of 2011 the idea of organizing a national production of paint and varnish materials for Coil-Coating enterprises began to be realized. On border of two parts of the world Europe and Asia, in the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, in one of the world's largest centers of ferrous metallurgy, it was decided to build a factory. This location was chosen not accidentally. On the one hand, this is due to proximity of the largest consumers of coatings for Coil-Coating, on the other hand, because of transport accessibility for all customers.

28.12.2011 the company Uralprotekt Ltd. was registered on the basis of an entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the establishment of a legal entity.

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2012 - Construction of the "Factory of protective coatings"

In 2012 the most suitable site for the construction of the "Factory of protective coatings" was identified. It was located in the most convenient transport interchange to the main planned consumers of the products. It was a land plot with a total area of ​​more than 48 thousand sq.m., and the buildings located on it, situated at: 13-15 Beloretskoye Shosse, Magnitogorsk.

According to the Regulation on the state expertise of project documentation, it was decided to allocate two stages of construction.

At the first stage of the construction, reconstruction of a factory and storage building with a total area of ​​1500 sq.m. and placement of a manufacturing facility, storage, production laboratory and engineering facilities in it was planned.

Construction of the factory Uralprotect Ltd.
Reconstruction of factory and storage building


2013 - Purchase of basic equipment

In 2013 the work on factory and storage building reconstruction continuous and the purchase of the main laboratory and domestic and foreign production equipment, meeting the most advanced and hi-tech requirements begins.


2014 - Installation of equipment. Trial batch.

After the reconstruction of the factory and storage building №1, the process of installing the technological equipment, its" heart “ being the dosing unit "INKMAKER", began.

Installation of the dosing center "INKMAKER"

Modern, non-sparking, non-flammable chemically resistant polymeric floors were constructed in the fabrication shop that provide safe working conditions and modern aesthetic look.

Polymeric floors in the factory and storage building №1

At the same time, a specialized Alborg furnace for paint and varnish products burning was mounted in the production laboratory, measuring equipment necessary for top level quality control was set up.

Furnace "Alborg"

In production laboratory the system of forced ventilation and conditioning, meeting the most stringent requirements for occupational safety standards has been installed.

The shelf storage system was mounted in storage, providing for the possibility of storing up to 120 tons of finished products.

27.05.2014 the first trial batch of polyester top coats on dosing unit "Inkmaker" was produced.

The first barrel of enamel


2015 - Beginning of production activities.

26.01.2015 Uralprotekt Ltd. receives a license for the production of PWM and starts its production activities.

In the first year of work, products for three main consumers of paint and varnish products for roll stock metal were produced. More than 50 colors of facial coatings have been worked out.

Works on reconstruction of the first stage of office rooms have been completed. The entry check point was put into operation.


The start of production served as an impetus to staff increase, creation of new jobs, at that time the staff of the company consisted of 10 employees only. Even then it was clear that we needed not just a staff, but a TEAM, united and professional team, which will be able to cope together with the arising production difficulties, and we knew from experience, that there will be a lot of them.

Such tasks as the development of professional skills of employees, the creation and support of our own corporate traditions, the organization of a friendly and positive atmosphere have always been considered by the company's management as priority.

In May 2015, the first collective departure was organized, dedicated to the professional holiday of workers in the chemical industry.
Chemist's Day 2015


2016 - We are today

A large-scale technical re-equipment has been started, which will allow to increase production capacities and diversify of finished products range.

Modern technological equipment, including capacitive, dispersing, pump-filtering equipment, which in the very near future will allow to increase manufacturing capacities of the produced products, has been purchased.


Conversion of the raw material warehouse has been carried out to increase the useful volume of the storage room for raw materials, and also the finished goods storage with a possibility of year-round shipment was organized.


A modern automatic foam-fire extinguishing system, a heat and cooling supply system, a nitrogen generator have been installed in the factory and storage building.

The production laboratory has been equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment and instrumentation from leading manufacturers such as Werner Mathis AG (Switzerland), Aalborg (USA), BYK-Gardner GmbH (Germany), DJH Designs inc. (Canada), Konica Minolta Inc. (Japan), VMA-GETZMANN GmbH (Germany).


"Quality" for us is not an empty word. Quality control in our company is at the highest level, however we do not stop there and constantly develop. At the present stage, laboratory retooling with additional equipment and personnel. is currently underway.

The second stage of the office premises was completed, what made it possible to comfortably accommodate the existing staff and create a working space for personnel replenishment.

27.05.2016 Chemist's Day

By the 5th anniversary of the company it was decided to hold the first in the history of the factory table tennis championship among employees. The best players were revealed, and those who did not have enough skill and luck for the victory, received an incentive for the future - to train and improve their skills for the next year victory. It was decided to organize this event annually.

able Tennis Tournament. December 2016

According to an old good tradition the completion of the throughout fateful 2016 year was seeing the "New Year" in with our friendly team.

29.12.2016. "The Coming 2017 New Year"