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of protective coatings

«Uralproteсt» Ltd. hosted the «Ist table tennis championship dedicated to the company's birthday»

Для просмотра поверните устройство в вертикальное положение
28 December 2016
Several important for our company events fall out for the last week of the outgoing year. One of them is our company birthday. Exactly five years ago on 28 December, 2011, the first stone was laid in the foundation of the factory when Uralproteсt Ltd.  has been officially registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. For this particular anniversary event it was decided to hold the first in the history of the factory table tennis championship among employees.

At the initiative of the commercial director Sergeev V. V.,  several months before the expected date of the tournament, a training room was allocated, a sports equipment was installed. The commercial director took personal control of the organization of the event. The staff of the company with enthusiasm met this innovation. Day after day at lunchtime, and often after the end of the day, the future table tennis champions honed their skills of the racket.

    "Office work and a sedentary lifestyle adversely affect the health of staff. I'm glad to have the opportunity to move, stretch the joints, at last, to remove emotional pressure. There is a charging of the body with energy, at least for the second half of the day! "- Zhukov I.P., sales and technical support manager.
    "Our technologist, Shkatov G. V., never held a tennis racket in hand, nobody expected that he will show himself at the championship, but he fought well for the cup. And most importantly, he continues to improve his skills every day. Besides that, he received the honorary prize of the main fan "- Raspopov V.V., the head of the production site.
    The leader of the tournament among men was Raspopov VV, and among women - Loshkareva Svetlana Sergeevna, a chemical engineer, they were awarded cups of winners and memorable prizes. Congratulations to the winners on behalf of the whole team! It was decided to hold this tournament annually.
    The company encourages interest of employees in sports in every possible way, including paying classes for employees in sports halls. In the future we plan to develop in this direction even more actively. "Faster! Higher! Stronger! "- in this sport motto there is also our production motto, always be the leader!